5 Tips on how to prepare for the Indian wedding season

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Just when we think that this years wedding season will be short and sweet, we receive a new box of sweets along with another wedding invite. We can all admit that the first two weddings are the most exciting. After the first two weddings it just becomes a bit repetitive. Seriously, how many times a month can we eat samosa on a Wednesday at a hall? Also, it can become a bit over whelming thinking about how many different looks you will have to create for each event. Everyone has once experienced not being prepared for an occasion. In these moments your heart is racing trying find an outfit that will go well your accessorize and heels. Months prior to wedding season we are all extremely concerned of what type of outfit, color, purse and accessories we would be wearing to each event.

 We are sharing our top five tips of how we prepare for the Indian wedding season. These will make your life so simple. Thank us later for these amazing tips. 



Drink a lot of water! We have been hearing this as early as we can remember. As children we all have a memory of our mom explaining the benefits of drinking water throughout the day. Lets just say this is the moment our moms always know best. Water does not only benefit our health, but also our skin! Our skin is the largest organ of our body and should not be ignored. A hydrated body will help you achieve healthy and glowy skin. Remember babe your makeup looks as good as your skin does! Do your body a favour and stay hydrated. 


Doesn’t it always feel that when you desperately need an outfit the mall either has nothing or is out of stock for what you want. These are the rare occasions that you will even compromise with whatever you can find, however the universe is just not on your side today. This is why you should never leave wedding shopping to the last minute. Always try to have your outfits and accessorizes organized minimum two months prior to the occasions. This will save you from a mental break down, trust!





You do not need a huge budget or closet for purses. During the wedding season you simply need three clutches in the most popular colors, which are, black, beige and gold. This will solve ninety percent of your crises. There will no longer by any moments where you can’t wear an outfit, because you do not have a bag that matches. Say good-bye to stress.


When the sun begins to shine and they days become longer it is natural for us to want to have a few drinks and share laughs with friends. Before wedding season we highly suggest to sit at home and relax. This will allow your body to charge up for the following weeks of nights that will most likely end at 3:00 a.m. at McDonald’s. Remember your body needs a break sometimes as well!


With all of these weddings it is extremely important to make sure you are organized. It is simple to get wedding dates confused or not even notice that two weddings are on the same week. Get yourself a calendar, which will help you keep track of which events are occurring. This will help you avoid major mistakes.

It is time to make your life simple. Follow these five steps and you will avoid many hiccups. Have a positive and smooth experience preparing for wedding season. Look forward to the wedding season, rather than be in panic mode. Enjoy the gorgeous weather, great food and connecting with family and friends.



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