5 Ways To Unwind

Hello ladies,

After a long week of work it is important to unwind and have a bit of fun. Sometimes the best way to unwind is by simply having “me” time. Fill your bathtub with hot water, salts and a Lush bomb. Me time is healthy for us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It helps us focus on ourselves, reflect on our lives and have a break from our busy schedules. There are so many ways to achieve a relaxing Saturday evening.



A hydrating mask can make you feel as if you are getting treated as royalty. It makes your skin feel baby soft. Who doesn't love this feeling? Grab yourself a Garnier Hydrating mask for under $5 !



There is no other refreshing feeling rather than jumping into a tub full of warm water, salts and a Lush bomb. You can lay in there and bathe all your issues away. Find this time to relax and clear your head of thoughts that no longer benefit you. You can light up some candles and enjoy the beautiful scent. 

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Have you ever noticed yourself dancing away to a song? Often we get distracted by our favourite songs. The best way to distract our minds is by listening to our favourite Rhianna or Beyonce album. Girl dance away!


Sometimes fresh air is all we need. Going for a long walk can help us reflect on our lives and emotions. Walks can help with having a better sleep. Nature just has a way of making us feel better. Enjoy your walk with a wine of glass.


To end the night off right throw on silk PJ's, make yourself a cup of tea and lay in bed. There are a variety of tea's that help with sleep, skin and health. Sip on your tea and call it a day.

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