Back To School Must Haves

Hello everyone, 

It is the time that we all need to realize that summer is almost coming to an end and we need to begin preparing for the fall season. Some of us are getting ready for a new semester at post secondary, maybe starting high school or beginning a new job. We need to begin preparing our outfits, meals and creating a daily routine. While this fun summer chapter comes to an end be excited for the next chapter. This means a whole new style, which means a whole new wardrobe. Having pieces that can be styled in multiple ways are the best to have. We are here to give you some tips to make sure you have all the right necessities for the new season. 



Everyone needs atleast one pair of jeans, sweater, top and tights that they cannot live without. These pieces are your go to when you are in a rush or having a lazy day. Have the best of both worlds look cute and feel comfortable at the same time. 


During the fall season everyone tends to get more busy. Having a water bottle on you is always convenient and helps you stay hydrated throughout the day. Remember water has several health benefits for the skin. Add some fruit to your water to add extra bit of nutrients. Keep sipping on the water for glowy skin. 


We understand that it is difficult to find a cute bag that is big enough to fit a laptop, two binders and one text book. Sometimes it feels as if you'll never find the right bag, but don't worry girl the right bag is out there for you. Aldo and Spring always have a variety of bags in different sizes that are adorable.


Fashion can sometimes be painful, but let's make sure your feet aren't the ones hurting. Good shoes are always needed. No one likes the idea of having blisters. To avoid that problem always get shoes that have good support and are made from good material. Shoes should be made to last. When purchasing shoes browse around first and pick a pair that feels most comfortable. 

As the days keep going by this chapter comes closer to an end. We are about to say goodbye to the summer. Remember this next time you want to say no to going out. Summer is the time to enjoy yourself, the company of your friends and the good weather. Get out there and have some fun.

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