The Fashion Trend Of Bodysuits

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We only have one day of the week left before the weekend begins. Just keep looking forward to the moment you can clock out and walk out of those doors knowing that you aren't coming back for a few days. Some of us may be celebrating a special occasion or relaxing at home with a wine of glass. Whichever one you decide the most important factor is that you must feel comfortable. When you don't feel relaxed in your own clothes you just don’t feel like yourself. Thankfully there are numerous fashion styles that look chic and trendy, but yet are comfy to wear. There is one fashion style that is perfect to create a stunning outfit and feel your best. This fashion style has been known to be the most comfortable style for several reasons. Do you think you can guess which one?

Hint: It is a one piece, compliments your body and can be styled in several ways.

If you have guessed bodysuits than you are correct. I am sure we have all heard of the well-known saying “If you look good, you feel good”. We do sternly believe a good outfit always makes us feel better. When you feel strong, beautiful and confident than our mood naturally becomes happier. Bodysuits are the right tops to wear to make yourself feel amazing. They compliment the body very well, due to the great fitting. Another plus is due to how well bodysuits fit the body the material does not gather around the waist. You can avoid worrying about your top not looking fitted. When you wear a long sleeve shirt or a tank top sometimes you may have to tuck your shirt in, but you find yourself constantly adjusting it all day. The best part of a bodysuit is that it does not to be tucked, which removes unnecessary hassle and stress. This way you can enjoy the company of your friends and have a great day. Bodysuits are extremely popular in Hollywood as well. Celebrities have been photographed wearing bodysuits for performances, vacations and as casual wear. The Hadid sisters themselves have been captured wearing the bodysuit as casual street wear. We cannot forget the Queen B herself. Beyoncé has been seen wearing bodysuits for multiple of her most remarkable performances. Lastly the Kardashian sisters are constantly breaking fashion boundaries with bodysuits. Take our advice and try on one bodysuit. It could turn out to be the best fashion decision you ever made for yourself.

The trend of bodysuits has been around for decades. An interesting fact that only few people know is that bodysuits were originally created as athletic wear and then turned into a fashion trend in the 20tth century. Fashion designers such as Nichole de Carle and Claire McCardell originated their own style and design of bodysuits. In the year 1943, the fashion of bodysuits was praised in the Harper’s Bazaar magazine. It soon became a popular trend amongst the post secondary women and soon spread to be a fashion trend for everyone of any age. By the 1960’s, it was common to see individuals wearing bodysuits of different material and patterns.

 Bodysuits are probably the most simple to style and you can create numerous different outfits. You can style the bodysuit with any type of jeans, whether it is high waisted boyfriend or mid-rise style. This beautiful piece of clothing can be worn with skirts as well. Pair the bodysuit with a high waisted denim or leather skirt. For a super casual outfit pair the bodysuit with a pair of shorts. With a bodysuit you can create an outfit that is appropriate for work, going for a casual lunch or a special occasion.


One of the greatest benefits of a bodysuit is that it can be worn casually and can make a super cute work outfit. Pair the bodysuit with a waist skirt, preferably a solid colour or a plaid print. To add a touch of elegance throw on a blazer. Accessorize with a stunning necklace that is simple, but yet catches everyone’s attention for how unique the design is. Lastly wear closed-toe heels and grab a small handbag to complete the look.



We all have our favorite pair of boyfriend, mid-rise or skinny jeans. You won’t have to forget about them. Bodysuits styled with jeans creates the perfect casual outfit. Don’t forget that you can style the bodysuit with a simple waist skirt or shorts as well. Pair either outfits with flats or runners to keep the outfit casual.



Picking the absolute perfect outfit for a special occasion is always stressful. You don’t know who you may run into, which causes more worry. It is sometimes good to create a unique outfit and be different. Trust us you will stand out more and sure to be noticed. Pair the bodysuit with a waist skirt that has a matchless pattern or is a colour that is not commonly worn. You can style this outfit with over-the-knee boots for an over the top look or with open toe heels to create a chic look.











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