Tie Dye Trend of 2020

Hello babes,

It has felt as if lately we have been walking from our bedrooms to the kitchen and back to our bed. I think we can all agree it has not been the most exciting time for us. To keep ourselves entertained several of us have picked up the hobby of tie dying. You probably have noticed that everyone all over Instagram and Tik Tok are trying out the new trend of tie dying their clothes. The trend of tie dye goes back several decades. Tie dying originally started in the mid 1960's in the United States. You may recall watching shows from the 60's where everyone is rocking a unique pattern of tie dye tops and pants. Now you witness it all over every social media platform.


All you need are the following items:

- Table or open space where you can lay out a big blanket or towel

- A cotton t-shirt 

- Color (any color you want)

- Soda ash (a dye fixer)

- Fabric Tie Dye colors 

- Rubber Bands or Strings

- Gloves ( if you want)

- Plastic bag 

The Tie Dye trend is a great way for people to express themselves and add some color to their outfits. Be creative and allow yourself to have fun and enjoy the process of tie dye. 

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