Use The Fall Weather To Your Benefit

Hello Everyone,

Have some fun dressing for the fall weather!

The days are getting shorter and the warmer days are disappearing. The crisp cold air is now upon us and we need to be ready to dress for the weather. Just because it is sweater weather it does not mean we need to hide underneath our layers of clothing. Often simplicity goes a long way.

It’s never simple to say good-bye to your favourite top and the pair of shorts that you lived in all summer long. Think of it as more “see you soon” until then use the fall weather to your benefit. This is the time you need to fill your closet with long sleeve dresses. They are absolutely the perfect fit for this weather and very stylish. A turtleneck adds a touch of elegance to the dress. Royals and celebrities have been photographed wearing long sleeve dresses on multiple occasions, such as, Princess Catherine, fashion icons Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian West.

If you walk down a popular street you often notice about four to five people are wearing dresses. Several decades ago fashion was extremely different. Dresses were not often seen worn until later. The dress fashion originated from England approximately in the 1890s. Before dresses were around women wore skirts, which had frames built from steel wire. Women from the 18thcentury would wear crinoline to assist in supporting the weight of the fabric to keep the skirts well fitted. The fashion trend of the crinoline faded by the 1890s and women started to wear simple dresses created from lighter fabric.

How to style long sleeve dresses?

Benefits of long sleeve dresses are that they can be worn several different ways. You can style the dress in ways that it can be worn as work attire, casual or dressy. Several people wear the dress with a scarf, oversized coat and closed toe heels for a more work attire wear. If you are just going to go hang out with your friends, go for a quick lunch or even a nice walk you can pair the dress with sneakers. This way you will be comfortable, but still look very stylish. If you are going on a first date or reconnecting with an old friend you may want to create a dressier outfit. Therefore, you can pair the long sleeve dress with open-toe heels. One long sleeve dress can create about three to four different outfits. 






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