Welcome Back The 90's Choker Trend

Have some excitement with styling chokers!

Just when we thought the fashion trends from the nineties were no longer in, the return of the choker happened. The gorgeous crystal or velvet choker became a popular fashion trend once again. Chokers are loved and worn by almost everyone of any age. There are so many different styles of chokers out there for everyone to choose from. This jewellery accessory has been worn by several celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Shay Mitchell. Here are some tips on how to wear chokers and how this amazing accessory was designed.

The choker necklace fashion trend started because during the Victorian period few women would tie a velvet ribbon around their neck as a replacement of a jewellery piece. 

In the nineties it was rare to see a teenagers neck without a choker piece. This beautiful accessory has been around for several decades. Taking it all the way back to when the icon Audrey Hepburn has been pictured in chokers even for magazines. The hype of the choker has carried its way over to the new generation. Stars such as Madonna have been pictured striking down the red carpet wearing chokers.



This generation has taken a different approach on fashion. During this time the choker necklace accessory becomes synonymous with sensuality. The accessory has been a major hit in the hollywood world, even stylist have used chokers to accessorize starts for major events, such as the Met Gala and red carpets. Other celebrities that have carried on the fashion trend, such as, Hadid Sisters, Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldiwn. 

The choker necklace trend has made its mark in the fashion world. This simple  accessory piece is adored by even the top fashion designers. There are no boundaries when it comes to this accessory. The process of finding the perfect choker is the most enjoyable time. It's fascinating to learn how many different type of styles, different material and colours there are for chokers. Even if you aren't a huge fan of the choker trend, there most likely is a simple choker that will attract your attention. Remember a choker can take a outfit from casual to dressy within five minutes. Its as if you have your own fairy godmother.

If you need some inspiraiton of how to style your chokers, here are our models, wearing the pieces! Style these chokers to customize your look in a classy or dressy way. Find a choker that is simple and matches the outfit. 

How to wear a choker? 

The main focus should be on the length of the choker necklace. Few chokers are designed with longer chains to add a bit more bling. If you have a choker necklace with a dainty chain you can have it hanging. The choker should fit your necklace comfortably and be a right fit. You don't was it to seem as if your choker is about to fall off any second, but you don't want to suffocate yourself either. Ensure that the choker is fitted to an appropriate length and allows you to feel comfortable. If you choose to wear the classic chocker you can style it with an off-the-shoulder top, tank top or even full sleeve tops. A choker can be paired with several different outfits and it also compliments other accessory pieces as well.

Next time your outfit does not seem dressy enough put a choker around your neck and notice the difference. A little piece of accessory can add the "wow" factor to your entire look. Never be afraid to try different choker styles.

Have fun styling chokers with your outfits!

Double Grind Choker  



Eights Choker 

Anemone Choker

Jaipur Choker 

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