We are excited to tell you about all of the perks of joining our affiliate program. If you absolutely love our products then you sure want to share our company! It is simple you get paid for sharing our products with your friends and family on social media platforms.


  • There is no cost for joining the program.

How To Earn:

You will be getting a customized URL with discount codes to track sales. You will earn a certain amount of commission for each order that uses your link or discount codes to complete purchases.

  • 5% commission on each order
  • Reward opportunities
  • Exclusive deals 

How To Get Paid:

We need your payment details to transfer your commissions, we currently support payment via Paypal. To update your Paypal email, visit Profile section and fill in your Paypal email, then click Save. In case you have other payment methods, please send details to email info@zorahlashes.com



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